Friction less coding with Gitpod

coding Dec 14, 2019

Dec 2019 already past half. It is going to be another year soon.

As I move on to a new company, new workstation is setup on new hardware. Thanks to various of cloud storage services from iCloud, Google Drive and most of the browsers are now comes with personalized user account setup that sync basically most of your daily work (with browsers).

That is the beauty of cloud computing in which most of your personal information can be sync online and get pull back to offline at glimpse of time.

Since 2016, I have done most of my workstation setup in less than 6 hours. This helps a lot especially for mobility, productivity and consistency. That time is the golden age of virtualization. For that, I use vagrant to setup linux based working environment via vagrantfile. The fundamental of code your infrastructure.

This post is written because while I try to get my 6 hours to be maintained in a much more secured company environment where most of the hardware usages are being monitored and censored. Under such control, you just cannot simply setup any virtualization environment without getting proper administrative rights.

And that cannot stop me from coding. At least not an excuse to get to work on coding lesser.

When God closes a door, He opens a window.

Introducing Gitpod which I found when I am searching for self-hosted online IDE. The journey of searching self-hosted online IDE get me to Theia. Theia allows me to setup my working environment for coding at my own cloud hosting pretty fast. With online IDE like Theia or StackBliz, coding experience is a totally different to me. If you not yet try any of them, I would highly recommend you to explore Angular tutorial with StackBliz.  

What makes me much more happier is that Gitpod is a product built around using Theia. It just linked up GitHub (a git provider) with cloud computing or precisely container using Docker. Such combination allows a developer to code in dockerfile into a git repository and tada, gitpod orchestra the workspace build using docker technologies. With a simple browser extension or url prefix in front of your github/gitlab repository link, you get to bring up Theia IDE over your browser!

The trend is coming, you will see lots of github project now comes with gitpod button. Check on petclinic repo from gitpod team.

A ready-to-code Webapplication in Spring and Java. Contribute to gitpod-io/spring-petclinic development by creating an account on GitHub.

It is a wonderful experience to be able to bridge up and enable a developer to write his/her code and get deployed automatically into a workspace environment embedded with Visual Studio Code's style IDE via a browser solely.

Have fun try it out at!