Frontend vs Backend

web development Feb 23, 2020

It has been long gap since last post. Let's back to the business after long seasonal spring celebration.

Being in IT industry for so long of the time, there is always in need to define a system with a proper boundary that at the same time define work scope.

If you open up Google Image to search with keyword "frontend backend", below are what you could have seen.

The famous iceberg diagram clearly show that there is always a clear cut difference for Frontend and Bankend. So do the pretty mermaid in the sea.

At my age of 20, when someone ask me what is the difference of frontend and backend, I would answer as below:

  • The page you see is what defined to be frontend.
  • What is going on when you click submit the page, that is backend.

When, that have some change at my age of 25:

  • Frontend are interfaces that you can see, often in HTML.
  • Backend are services like databases, email and cronjobs.

At the age of 30 (I believe I got ask during my VIVA):

  • Frontend are the view in the MVC framework. All technologies that work under view of the MVC Web framework are to be of frontend scope.
  • Backend are the rest in MVC, model for data, controller for the streamlines between data and business logics.

Well, now that I am 34...

  • Frontend include fullstack of system that expose to the public DMZ zone. Every system that is DMZ accessible are consider frontend. It can have fullstack of MVC framework.
  • Backend are those systems that protected from DMZ zone, and only can accessible by the internal server admin.

I guess that is why fullstack is of very hot in the IT especially in web development domain. If you are defining frontend and backend as my age of 25, those are the job scope we known as web designer nowadays.