Half of the year 2021

family Jul 10, 2021

Life is still moving on with the spree from the pandemic disease...

My youngest born has been 4 months old now. She born as the so call MCO (Movement Control Order) baby has steadily blend into our daily routine.

Meet the youngest girl in family - Sze Winn

It has been awhile since my last post but the past 6 months has been joyful experience on parenting mode. Not to mention the on-going new project that need to be managed with lots of time and efforts.

Lessons learnt so far...

  1. Managing a team is a challenge. Managing remote teams (internal and external) is much more challenging.
  2. Gathering user requirements is a challenge. Especially they have been using existing system for so long.

Let's hope I can have more time to write up posts in the couple of months.