Happy New Year 2021

family Jan 02, 2021

Yay, it is 2021!

My son - 1 year old

It has been an impactful year of 2020 with the emerge of pandemic outbreak. It transform the way we life, work and social drastically and holistically from single household to a nation.

The word "new norm" has been coined for the normal that we can hardly imagine before.

Although with the challenging year, it is a blessing that we can make it altogether to welcome the new year.

A quick revision of 2020 so that for the coming 2021, things will be better.

Being a year of System Analyst

A year passed quickly along with my eldest son who has turned 1 year old. The journey to join in as System Analyst have been a fruitful one to learn things outside of the comfort zone.

Systemic thinking has been an handy skill. Thanks to the past experiences that drives every aspect of the IT solutions from business idea to implementation, surviving in the new job field is more than enough.

So what have been done for those extra hours? Quality family time. For the year, it has been a blessing in disguise that I can fully work from home and spend most of the valuable times with my newborn.

He learn from us, while at the same time I also learning from him.

He taught me a lot, from a system analyst perspective. Life is the greatest arena to practices project planning, design, execution as well as to adapt to the unexpected requests and demands. There is no much different of handling a system for a family at home (with newborn parenting) to a new start-up venture.

New exploration

A year of 2020 with 70% of the time staying at home, the journey of exploring new things is fruitful. Lots of tech stacks have been rapidly emerging out especially in the front end frameworks.

2020 have seen with Angular from release 9 to currently 11. Reason being is there is a need to refactor some of the current stacks hence have to take the chance to practice Angular. Despite there is lots of other stack, Angular is no doubt a comprehensive one to follow and at least to know well for knowledge purpose.

Plan for 2021 will be on modernizing my stacks aka Innokit (My end to end digital innovation framework). I will save this for the coming post to elaborate more of it.

The year of 2020 is also the year of Kotlin. Its multiplatform mobile framework has getting much more mature. The adopting rate of the industry is getting better beside only from the Android developer group. KMM / Kotlin is of major in my study subject for the coming few years.

There is also lots of the changes in stacks in used in work compare to the one I used to practice years back. I have to adapt from Linux to Windows Server, MySQL towards MSSQL, Tomcat towards JBOSS (aka Wildfly), Ubuntu towards Redhat etc. Thanks for the past experience that the transition is quite straightforward. I am happy that I have put in lots of effort to strengthen foundation years back.

The most impactful changes is the exposure to the design of systems. From being a monolith to be microservices / services oriented in the stacks and this does inspire me a lot into designing next generation of digital innovation framework.

There is a lot for 2020 but I will rather keep it into more details in my subsequent post. Need to be more discipline and consistent into blogging for 2021. That will be one of the solid resolution of the year of 2021.

Good bye 2020, hope for the best to come in 2021!