New direction for K2inno

modefair Dec 01, 2019

K2inno was founded by me at 2014 as testimonials for my freelance business.

It was a platform for me to test, research and play around with all sort of web technologies and channels.

I still remember the days where it once flourished with various of web projects I have been involved with personally.

That was since 2014.

Now we are moving to the era of web development is flourished by more than a simply jQuery version 1 or 2, and Internet Explorer is transform from a version 8 to edge and finally a plan into Chromium-based. Read this more at

Three years in ModeFair, here they are with me on my last day in ModeFair.

Now at December of 2019, I have been graduated from ModeFair (sort of) with exposure to full cycle of web development in enterprise. That covers several major stack improvements. Three years at ModeFair has slow down K2inno's testimonial but it sharpen my skillset to much more possibilities.

And now it is the time for that.

New scene on daily routine to new environment.

K2inno will move one to be my technical blog for latest web technologies. I will try to reveal what I did, will do, plan to do and in progress with my obsessions on how websites can be built.

Stay tune for 2020.